2. if american cops can make up their own rules - i can post a subtitled black and white gif on my colour blog - fuck it you only live once and it’s friday

  3. out of all my thousands of followers - does anyone still use tumblr? if so remember when i used to upload 2 frame gifs like this?

  4. what a year we’re having for this stuff

  5. definitely one of the films of the year - more people need to see it

  6. hopefully this makes it to the top 5 at the end of the year

  7. i wonder how far down interstellar will push it at the end of the year

  8. now we’re at the half way stage of the year - it is very clear to me -

    this will still be in my top 5 at the end of the year

  9. Seriously!! why aren’t americans going to the cinema to watch the film of the year?

  10. seriously tho - film of the year for me - so far

  11. RIP Bob hoskins my childhood pal - maybe my blog will just be RIP’s now?


  13. you will be sorely missed sir

  14. not enough films made in tunisia

  15. step reebok on tatooine